New Funding (co-PI): $1.3M CFI-JELF to establish a Precision Genomics Suite with the Drögemöller and Kowalec Labs

We are excited to announce that we have received new infrastructure funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF)! This funding will be used to develop a Precision Genomics Suite at the university that will allow us to perform extensive genomic studies at the resolution of individual cells.

The Wright Lab is co-principal applicant on this joint work, along with other co-PIs Drs. Britt Drögemöller and Kaarina Kowalec. The investment totals $1,328,074 and includes contributions from the CFI ($514,000), Research Manitoba ($513,665), University of Manitoba, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, and vendors.

Parts of our suite will provide new resources for both single cell and spatially-resolved transcriptomics:

Thank you to our funders for their support. We are looking forward to using this new equipment to perform new neurogenomics studies!

Dr. Galen Wright
Dr. Galen Wright
Assistant Professor | Canada Research Chair in Neurogenomics

Assistant professor and Canada Research Chair in Neurogenomics.